Yvonne Pointer’s poignant, yet uplifting story inspired us all to meet the challenges in our lives with renewed optimism and determination. Her message of hope in the face of tragedy was an unforgettable moment at my second annual Women’s Leadership Summit. We are lucky to have her in our midst.

Senator Sherrod Brown -  Ohio


Dr. Yvonne Pointer is a uniquely gifted and phenomenal speaker! Her ability to spiritually lift a person from where they are and challenge them to reach toward their destiny is just one of her spiritual graces that I have experienced. I have been connected with Dr. Pointer since 2013, as she is a regular and highly anticipated speaker at the conference I host in Cleveland OH, entitled, “What’s In You” Kingdom Women’s Empowerment Conference. This bi-annual women’s conference examines the dichotomy between what God placed in us, and what’s in us now, and challenges women to introspectively revisit stages of their lives and delve into the “you” that God created. Dr. Pointer’s extraordinary and empowering, faith-filled messages continues to be a blessing at our conferences and I am so grateful that she extends herself to us, as she is a sought-after speaker and mentor.

Dr. Pointer is also an exceptional servant-leader. She ministers healing to women that look to her for spiritual guidance often during their time of personal or emotional devastation. Because of Dr. Pointer’s deep and abiding relationship with the Lord, she is anointed to preach the gospel and heal the broken-hearted. The prophetic mantle she carries is indicative of the hand of the Lord upon her life. Dr. Yvonne Pointer is one of the most engaging and enjoyable speakers to listen to as she incorporates her life story, often using humor and wit, into a profound and insightful message of hope.

Linette Graddic, M.Ed., LPC
Mercy Center Global Ministries, Inc.


Comments from Employees of The Defense Finance and Accounting Service -  (DFAS) Program

"Yvonne Pointer was a very inspiring and motivating speaker. She was very upbeat and engaging. She made me feel as if one person can make a big difference."

"Yvonne Pointer is one of the best speakers I have heard in a long time. She made some very valid points and I am now looking at the issue of responsibility in an entirely different (and better) way."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the program and Yvonne Pointer is an incredible speaker. I hope to be able to hear her speak again."

"This was my first time attending a program. I thoroughly enjoyed the speaker! Even though Ms. Pointer spoke lightheartedly and upbeat... her message will remain with me and I will not ever take for granted that I will see a family member again when they walk out of the door. I hope that you can have her return. Her message needs to be heard over and over and over again."

"The inspiring words spoken from the speaker provided a boost to morale for the 25th floor. People returned more positive and hopeful about being able to handle their own 'injustices' after hearing the presentation provided by Ms. Pointer. Excellent choice in a speaker!!"

More Praise for Yvonne Pointer

"It's news too great to keep I had the great pleasure of witnessing Sister Yvonne Pointer share her testimony at a conference in 2005. I was confident that her testimony was a small part of a more full ministry. That was a great under-estimation. Her message touched my heart however, it was her passion that presented a light of hope and confidence in my spirit. I know that her ministry has broken chains of depression, defeat, and abuse. It has also linked chains of love, hope, and confidence. After hearing her message, I recognized Sister Pointer to be 'a servant doing the will of God from her heart'.  Despite all she had endured, she did not give up or give in. She continued in 'going from good service to great service'.

Therefore, I thank God for her accepting my invitation to be the guest speaker for our Women's Day Worship service. The rest of this story became history...the day our lives were touched by an angel, blessed by her testimony and received healing with the word of God. That day was Sunday, September 24, 2006 at New Canaan Baptist Church, in Detroit, MI. Rev. Sylvester Sartin, Jr., is our Pastor and Sister Yvonne Pointer was our Guest Minister of Service/Speaker. We love Sister Pointer and she shall remain in our hearts & prayers".

 Simone Wiley


"To hear her is an awesome experience you will never forget. Yvonne will cause you to laugh, cry and think. She challenges you not to settle ---  whether it's with your job, finances or relationships --- for anything negative in your life. She truly lives and teaches that as long as there's life there's hope, whether she is speaking to a small community group, an influential religious, organization, or thousands gathered at the Essence  Music Festival in New Orleans. I have personally witnessed the powerful message of Yvonne Pointer. Her motivational message of self-empowerment is always tremendously well-received, and her delivery of this important message can turn any venue into a spirit-filled possibility-filled building of healing she is amazing."

Jon Everett 
Publisher of Pharaoh Magazine 

"People from all aspects of life can take something positive from her message, and if they really want to make a difference or change in their life, they can nurture and grow from it. Over 60 summer camp staff were motivated and given a deeper sense of importance, not only of their job, but of self".

Desire Powell
Community Services Coordinator Cleveland Heights - University Heights School District


"Dear Yvonne: 

Thank you so very much for bringing your blessed message to Youngstown. You planted a seed of hope on Monday night. I want you to have faith, the seed will grow.  I applaud you for ignoring what "they say" . They are the nameless, faceless cowards. You will never follow, you will lead with God's blessing. Carry the Lord's message with you: I will bless thee who are like you. I will curse those who curse you. With all my love and support. Best wishes".

George M. McKelvey
Mayor of Youngstown, Ohio

"Thank you for sharing your time, talent and positive message with the Healthy Lifestyles Inside and Out girls and their parents. Your message touched the hearts of so many. Truly you are a gift from God".

Angela Neal Barnett,PhD
Rise, Sally, Rise, Inc. 

"Yvonne Pointer is a women of courage, conviction and charity. Her life has been a beacon of hope for so many who were lost in the darkness of despair. Yvonne represents a shining example of the magnificence of the human spirit under adverse conditions. Her presence on earth is both a testimony and a blessing to those who believe in the power of positive thinking" 

Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant
Former Essence Magazine Columnist