Positive Plus is inspirational, motivational, self-help and esteem building organization geared toward the holistic reconstruction of lives touched by violence.  Positive Plus helps individuals to realize their God given abilities so they can rediscover themselves and become whole again. through a series of workshops designed to help the women recapture forgotten dreams and establish new visions. Yvonne Pointer formed Positive Plus in 1985 as a direct result of the tragic event that occurred in here life.

This event made Yvonne aware of the many children that are destroyed within their own communities, daily. Yvonne sought help form her peers in resolving this issue. Yet, she found that many of her peers also had endured tragedy, but were in need of motivation and inspiration themselves. They too were overburdened with tragedy. Group meetings and workshops were held in here home. Her door was open to anyone whose life had been touched by violence. Today, Positive Plus has grown to over 50 women. The group participates in many community activities.

The most important aspect is that many of the women have discovered talents they never dreamed possible. For example, one member designs a line of greeting cards and is now showing her work as various shows. Another member is an actress that is now doing commercials. The support of the group is essential to the well-being of members, and ultimately the family and community. Positive Plus is funded by the United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland, Inc. http://www.ubfogc.org College Connection A new outreach effort Positive Plus members have embraced is the College Connection. Four college students were selected for the membership to keep in contact with during the school year. The contact could be through letters, calls, visits or the dearly loved, care packages". The Students that have benefited so far from this outreach are:

George Gamble
Shawnee State University   Portsmouth, OH.

LadQuaye A. Jacobs 
Central State University  Wilberforce, OH.

Basheer Jones  
Morehouse University Atlanta, GA.

Akeya Hairston  
Central State University   Wilberforce, OH.

Jamia Triplett  
University of Cincinnati   Cincinnati OH.

This project has proved to be successful.

The students as well as their mothers have sent many letters of "thank you" to the Positive Plus organization. First Annual Awards Banquet Christmas Celebration  2003 This year marked the First Annual Award Banquet at the Christmas Holiday celebration  Honors where given: in Education, Volunteerism, and Professionalism,  The recipients where :  Yvonne Booker, Volunteerism, Lorna Wisham, Professionalism  Celeste Terry, Education  Other Positive Plus members also went back to school, and have achieved their degrees: Congrats to: Brenda Alexander

Yolanda Miller, Cecelia Pointer. Congratulations we salute you...  you go girls!     Looking Ahead...

Positive Plus has set their sights on higher goals! Goals. 

Establish organization of Positive Plus II - A Men's Support Group Form pen pal relationships with inmates at Marysville Correctional Institutes, the State of Ohio's only women's facility.

Form a Vacation Club for travel (business, outreach and pleasure). The Gloria Pointer Scholarship Philanthropic Fund The Gloria Pointer Scholarship Philanthropic Fund was established with the United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland Inc. in June, 2004. http://www.ubfogc.org

This Philanthropic Fund was established to: Pay for head stones of indigent families that have lost children to abuse and violence and in Cleveland Ohio Build three schools in Ghana, West Africa. Provide scholarships to youth members of the Gloria Pointer teen movement or to student that have been orphan Ghana West Africa so their can further or obtain an education .

Chicken Soup for the Soul http://www.africanamericansoul.com (Life After Death)