In 2002, a young man in Ghana, West Africa was walking down the street wondering why he was faced with so many struggles in life and wondered if God really loved him. Anthony was forced to drop out of school to help his mother make ends meet. Many days he had gone without food wondering where his family's next meal  would come from. As he walked,  he saw an article on the ground, picked it up, and read it. As unbelievable as it may be, the article was about the inspirational story of Yvonne Pointer, and the struggles she faced everyday in dealing with the murder of her eldest daughter.

Anthony Tay wrote Yvonne Pointer explaining his sorrow concerning the murder of her child, his wish to someday be a doctor, and his prayers that someone would help him obtain the money. His prayers are being answered by Yvonne and her friends who currently send Anthony and other children in Ghana money to further their education. Their dreams can now start to become  a reality.

Anthony Tay (then 17 years old) was so touched that he wanted to help others in the way Yvonne helped him. He founded the Gloria Pointer Teen Movement Initiative in West Africa, where he is dedicating his life to assist African youth in obtaining an education and a healthy lifestyle in memory of Gloria.


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Yvonne Pointer honors daughter with preschool in Ghana


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